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Why Choose Phoenix Attitude?

Find out what we're all about...

Phoenix Attitude Inc. was born when I hit rock bottom and I wasn’t willing to sit idly by while my medical condition ruled my life.

Holed up in intensive care not too long ago, I came within a hair’s breadth of seeing “the light” from an out-of-control infection (stacked onto some other problems). While I’d been in the hospital many times before, this last visit easily crowned the stress chart. I’d had to be relentless in dealing with the medical staff, I felt mostly ignored as I voiced my concerns, and it was only a hysterical outburst on my part that finally got me the attention – and the emergency surgery right in my room – that I needed. It also left me with another little bonus - full-blown Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Ta da! I’d hit bottom.

Bottom has redeeming features, though! I realized clearly that it was my ability to advocate for myself (not easy when you don’t like bothering people) that had saved my life. I also realized how many lessons I’d learned over the years that could not only help me, if I crunched them into a system, but could help so many others (including parents of children with medical needs) who were just starting their medical odyssey or hadn’t been in the kiln quite as long.

Rising from those burned out ashes (yes, hence part of our namesake “Phoenix”), we’re here to guide you towards a far better experience with “the system” – gaining more control, efficiency, effectiveness, emotional support and developing the “Attitude” that will help you, and maybe one day even save you, along your medical journey and in your daily challenges.

And then, Medical Life, meet Social Life…
Just around the corner, Phoenix Attitude will be launching another tool making having a social life much more accessible. Yes, I used “social life” and “accessible” in the same sentence. We know that you need a break every once in a while (probably more than most), but that it can be such a hassle to find somewhere to go that meets your needs. I’ll bet your loved ones get a little anxious trying to find that perfect place to meet you, too. If this is the case for you (as it is for me), then stick around. Being able to go out with friends, family and maybe even that special someone should be about focusing on the connection between you and not on your condition – we don’t take that for granted.

And that won’t be all either!
We want to be your one stop shop for where to go when you feel like your medical needs are taking over. We want you to come here and forget about the white walls of the hospital and the anxiety of it all, and feel the spark of your potential.

We don’t want Phoenix Attitude to be your happy place, we want it to be your proactive place (ok, I guess it can be both)!

“Overcome the notion that we must be regular... it robs you of the chance to be EXTRAORDINARY”

Uta Hagen

Mission Statement

Dedicated to creating tools, products and services that empower and inspire you to:
  • Take more control over and improve the effectiveness of your medical experience

  • Stand up for your needs

  • Push the envelope for solutions when told, “That won't work.“

  • Gain more confidence, perspective and support