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Medical And Motivation

By signing up for your Medical & Motivation account you’re on your way to taking control of your medical needs - mind, body and spirit. You’ll have the benefit of: an electronic file cabinet, feeling prepared, getting more out of your appointments, and easy access to motivational, informative and laugh-out-loud funny content to get you through the hard times. Join now for a ONE-TIME fee of $3.99 CAD (plus tax)!

  • Electronic File Cabinet

    Store all of your medical data in one easy to access and secure database.

  • Feel Prepared

    We help you plan ahead to get the most of our your next appointment.

  • Tips & Tools

    Keep track of important information gained during appointments.

  • Motivational Database

    Laugh, share and feel empowered to see beyond the dark times.

  • Membership only $3.99 CAD*

    A one time fee to keep your medical records at your fingertips.