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While our Blog and upcoming video series are free to all, to get access to our Tools, just sign up below and get a Medical & Motivation account. That will set you back $0 CAD (plus tax) but will offer you many times that value in convenience, organization, guidance and the ability to share your files and recordings with others who also have an account.

Accessing your account and its tools is easy. Simply enter your username and password from your smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. Then you can!

What are the Tools?

Most of us have howled wildly or at least gritted our teeth over problems with the medical system. It only makes it worse when we feel absolutely HELPLESS and at its mercy.

But there’s one element over which we can take more control and that’s improving how efficient and effective our medical encounters will be. How?

There are currently four tools within our Medical & Motivation dream tool:

  1. Take inventory - starting your Electronic File Cabinet
  2. Prep Yourself for effective medical appointments
  3. Store & Share appointments you have recorded (with permission)
  4. Escape it all with our Motivational Oasis i.e. our Pinterest account without even leaving the site.

1. Start Your Electronic File Cabinet

How many times have you been asked the critical questions below (among others), not only when visiting health professionals, but in those pressured visits to the emergency room, when you’re in pain, distracted and emotional - and they need specific answers to start treatment?

  • What medications and dosages do you take?
  • What medical conditions do you have?
  • What allergies do you have AND what are your reactions?
  • What are your symptoms and when did they start?
  • Has this happened before? What were your symptoms then?
  • Who is your specialist/doctor?

With Phoenix Attitude’s Medical & Motivation you don’t have to worry about standard yet important facts about your medical life being out of reach. As long as you have access to a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop (and you’re committed to keeping your account up-to-date), you’ll have instant access to information regarding your:

  • Medications
  • Allergies
  • Doctors
  • Symptoms
  • Past surgeries/procedures
  • Medical Conditions

If you’ve been there, you know that when you don’t have the answers, the stress meter jumps for both you and the doctors. Indeed, patients giving wrong or incomplete information is a serious and common occurrence, in some cases with life-threatening results. However, it’s an easy situation to fix. How? Start your Electronic File Cabinet.

With your Electronic File Cabinet, you don’t have to worry about key medical data being out of reach. As long as you have access to a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop (and you’re committed to keeping your account up-to-date), you’ll have instant access to information regarding your:

  • Medications
  • Allergies
  • Past Surgeries & Procedures
  • Doctors
  • Symptoms
  • And what might help before, during and after your appointments.

But we’re not just about file cabinets!

2. Prep Yourself For Your Appointments

Truth be told, the ball is really in our court (as patients) to make sure we’re ready for our appointments. Sorry, but it’s true.

Sometimes we miss a chance to gain critical information from the practitioner because we’ve been too busy or distracted to think through in advance what we should ask. The appointment then goes by at the speed of light and our terrific questions don’t materialize until three in the morning.

It’s also easy to forget that we were supposed to prepare a specimen, or bring certain papers with us. And you’d be shocked at how often patients aren’t even clear about what procedures or tests they’re about to undergo – or even why. This just leads to unnecessary surprises, wasted time and premature white hair for all involved.

Fortunately, this is all too easy to deal with. Before your next appointment, give yourself and your doctor a break by spending some quality time with our “Before My Appointment” form. It will help train you to advocate for yourself, pinpoint the most relevant matters for you to consider and cover and help make your appointment as efficient and meaningful as you can make it.

3. Upload and Store Recordings of Your Appointments

Have you ever been in an appointment completely dazed while getting important information you couldn’t process at the time and/or remember later? OR perhaps you took exhaustive notes, attempting to capture all facts, but forfeited, as a result, the opportunity to stay present and ask meaningful questions. Trying to get a hold of busy practitioners later to fill in the blanks can be difficult, frustrating and time-wasting for everyone involved.

Again, the fix couldn’t be simpler. Ask your practitioner if you can record your appointment so you can: a) review it later when you have a clear head; b) get all information down accurately; and c) focus on listening and asking questions while you have his or her ear. Assuming he or she agrees, our design will then allow you to upload and store the recordings in their corresponding appointment file. Easy, organized, reliable, efficient. But that’s not all.

Share Information With Your Family or Friends

Medical & Motivation also allows you to share appointment files and recordings with family members or others whose input you’d like. No more relying on accounts by patients (whether yourself, your parents, your children or others) who misunderstood, forgot or didn’t capture all relevant information! Outside the world of chronic conditions, this is particularly valuable for your elderly parents and/or their caregivers (it’s easy to set up for them) so you can get an actual recording of the doctor’s advice afterwards.

4. What Else Sets Us Apart - Motivational Database

If you’ve ever felt discouraged, afraid and/or beaten up after difficult appointments, Phoenix Attitude’s Motivational Database has been designed to be your escape and reset tool. It provides access to hysterical, enlightening and inspiring videos, photos, texts and other content so you will:

  • Laugh when you feel like you’ll never laugh again
  • See how others are coping, and maybe pick up a trick or two
  • Find (a new) perspective
  • Know that you are not alone!
“Overcome the notion that we must be regular... it robs you of the chance to be EXTRAORDINARY
Uta Hagen
Mission Statement

Dedicated to creating tools, products and services that empower and inspire you to:
  • Take more control over and improve the effectiveness of your medical experience

  • Stand up for your needs

  • Push the envelope for solutions when told, “That won't work.“

  • Gain more confidence, perspective and support