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Jenna's Appearances


I was so honoured and humbled that the students in the IB program felt that my story and my insight into what goes into pursuing one’s dream job was going to make an impact.
What makes you strong? How would you define strength? Here's what I learned.
This video is a trailer for the upcoming movie we're making called Three Men and a Tough Little Mudder. It chronicles my daughter, Jenna Reed-Côté's, journey on June 25, 2016 to tackle the incredibly difficult obstacle course at Whistler called Tough Mudd
Let Jenna take you on a roller coaster ride through key events in her life that led her to learn incredibly hard and valuable lessons about spirit, strength and surrender. We all struggle with one thing or another, so leave your assumptions at home and se
Jenna's First Keynote Address and Phoenix Attitude Debut