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Thumbnail For Your Ultimate Healthcare Sidekick Has Risen From the Ashes

Your Ultimate Healthcare Sidekick Has Risen From the Ashes

2020-01-20 Posted By Jenna Reed-Cote

“Is there an app for that?”

This has been the single-most asked question since we launched Phoenix Attitude Inc. and the Medical & Motivation Account five years ago. The original (OG) Medical & Motivation account has had a home on our website and that was already such an achievement - going from imagination to reality; today that reality is feeling like a dream come true.

Are you sitting down?

*Oprah Winfrey’s Giveaway Voice* Announcing the long-awaited rebirth of the Medical & Motivation Account as a FREE app!

That’s right! YOU get a free Medical & Motivation app! And YOU get a free Medical & Motivation app! EVERYBODY gets a free Medical & Motivation app!!! (Let me guess, you also read that in your head as Oprah Winfrey?)

FINALLY, there is a FREE app (available in BOTH the App Store & Google Play) that helps you forge your own path to bring the medical and the motivation together. An app created by a professional patient who survived the healthcare system and actually went on to become a practitioner herself.

It’s got all the old features that we know and love:

    - practitioner rolodex (so you get your doctor’s vitals for a change)

    - symptom tracker (you just KNOW that if you go to the doctor, their first question will be, “When did this start?”)

    - medication list (spoonful of sugar sold separately)

    - appointment prep tool (come into your appointment knowing you DESERVE a seat at the table as the expert on you)

    - the ability to upload VIDEO & AUDIO recordings to your appointment section (just like with movies, if you give yourself the chance to experience it again and again, you end up picking up something new. Every appointment may not revolve around life and death decisions, but knowledge will always be your power.)

    - surgery prep tool (it’s a big decision - you deserve to know what to expect and how to get support)

    - sharing information between accounts so you can get support and feedback from the ones you trust with your life - who know your mind, body and spirit - beyond the half hour you have with your practitioner

    - MOTIVATION section - with curated content at your fingertips to cheer you up, motivate you, inspire you, inform you and (hopefully) keep you from feeling alone on your journey

But wait, there’s more!

We’ve also built a new PAIN TRACKER!

We’ve listened to the feedback and know it would really help people struggling with pain to have a new sidekick at their fingertips. The goal? Giving users the ability to learn more about their pain and maybe find new ways to approach pain relief. This tool can also help you build an accurate depiction for what you go through (giving your healthcare team the evidence they need to start to create a treatment plan moving forward).

But this tool isn’t just for those of you living with pain on a daily basis, without a choice in the matter. Some of you push through the pain in hopes that it will help create a stronger you. Some of you think they have to play through the pain at the gym or on the field or else be permanently sidelined - as if those are the only 2 options. Ok, I may have been one of them - but not anymore. Now I - we - have a pain tracker to help us figure out what’s bothering us, when it started and what we were doing when it started - meaning we’ll (again) have more information to bring to our team to get us back to fighting form faster, smarter and healthier!

Yet another addition to the app is the ability to set up reminders to take your meds! For some of you, this will mean you get to be more independent. For you family caretakers wanting to facilitate that independence more safely, this feature might bring you peace of mind in knowing that your loved ones are alerted to when they have to take their medication. For others this is an opportunity to stay committed to how to support your health while going from one busy day to the next!

At Phoenix Attitude Inc., we know how it feels to be reduced to ashes - worrying that you’ll never feel your true strength and potential (again or for the first time) because you deal with health challenges. We know that accepting a tool like this into your life can feel like it’s going to be a constant reminder that you aren’t “healthy” or “normal”. We hear you, and we wish we could code away those health challenges and fears of how your life will unfold. However, we worked incredibly hard to create this tool with the (intention of reminding you of the vibrant person you truly are at your core. We were (and are) determined to show you how you can take control and embrace your power while giving you the opportunity to also recognize how you can reach out for the extra support. You’re a phoenix, let us show you - the attitude is all up to you, though.

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