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Meet My Tough Mudder Team

2016-06-22 Posted By Jenna

So, you’re probably getting tired of hearing about little ol’ me so I want to cleanse your palette and have you meet my team! (We’re going to reveal our team name soon…)

You’ve probably gotten a pretty good sense of Adam from our interview with him (if you haven’t - do it!). What I want to try and do though is give you a little insight into what’s gone into making him the person he is today and one hell of a team mate. Adam has always believed in the mind/body/soul connection, “If one is out of whack, then the whole system operates at a lower level.” This understanding led him straight into a Psychology degree (which I was actually halfway through when Social Work presented itself to me). If you know Adam, you know that his greatest hope is to help others, give back and to “share with people how great life could be.” Although Adam is a stickler for the details when it comes to your technique when you’re training, he’s always wanting to see how life is going and is so easy to talk to. He doesn’t BS anything (or take BS from you), and as much as he expects from you, he also holds himself to the highest standards as a human being. I know that he’s going to help me figure out how to do as much of the course as possible, and make sure what I do do is to the best of my abilities!

John Blok, is a force to be reckoned with and is probably secretly Superman. John has represented Canada 3 times in International Triathlon World Championships, he has 3 top 10 place finishes in the XTERRA Triathlon World Championships, he holds the age group record in the Bellingham half marathon, he’s completed 8 Ironmans (always placing near the top of his age group), not to mention, he usually bikes 200km on weekends. The first time Adam and I met him, he basically had Adam locked into competing in a sprint triathlon - which Adam still can’t believe happened! John has also trained a Paralympian (and my mom). He has an infectious personality and and a go-get-em attitude that I know will be what keeps me going when I don’t think I’ll be able to go any further!

Garick Nelson, where do I begin?! Garick was my trainer when I lived in Toronto (and yes, he’s flying out to do this with me)! Training together seems like a lifetime ago, but he’s still one of the reasons I’m such a dedicated athlete. Unfortunately for Garick, he had to put up with me when I was a moody and insecure teenager (who wasn’t?!), who wasn't looking to be at the gym voluntarily, but everything about him made me put that aside to make him proud. He always encouraged my yearning to lift heavier and heavier (like Adam), even pushing me passed what I thought were my limits. Garick has designed his signature personal training program that incorporates active release techniques and facilitated stretching, as well as specialized rehabilitation for special needs clients, so he’s not easily defeated by a challenge and is creative in his approach. Although this will be his first Tough Mudder, this won’t be his first foray into challenging himself with the Toronto Marathon, Cadillac Fairview Run for POGO, Goodlife Fitness Marathon and the Ottawa Marathon under his belt.

We’re all entering the first-time Tough Mudders club together knowing that we’re (probably) in for more challenges than your average Mudder (but then again, we’ve all got something)! We all have different strengths going for us (and a few things that we’ll have to help each other not let stand in our own ways). I didn’t intentionally have it so that I had personal trainers making up my team - which you’ll never hear me complain about - but they all have such strong spirits that I think will really make sure that I make it across the finish line. Although they’re all excited for the challenge, I’m not naive in thinking that the reason we’re all coming together on Saturday isn’t to give me the support (in every sense of the word) I need to help me to come face-to-face with another goal to make me feel alive and stronger than I thought I was. They’re all going to be by my side because I asked them to be and because I know I can’t do it alone!

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