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Thumbnail For Q+A with Jenna's Tough Mudder Trainer, Adam of Revival Fitness

Q+A with Jenna's Tough Mudder Trainer, Adam of Revival Fitness

2016-06-20 Posted By Jenna

1. What is your name & your company's name?

Adam Crow, founder of Revival Fitness
2. How did you and Jenna meet?

Jenna had found my website and decided to call me one day in August 2015. I was packing for Vegas when I received the call, so we set up a consult for the week I returned! She is a fast talker and told me her whole life story in about 2 minutes and I was blown away by her determination to crush life.
3. When you and Jenna first connected about preparing for Tough Mudder (TM), what were your initial thoughts?

Honestly? "Holy shit! We're really doing this!" I didn’t know how we were going to do it. I just knew we were doing it! Her mind was set and she’s just like me in that regard. Set the goal. Work. Crush the goal.
4. Can you describe the strength and endurance training you’re prescribing to Jenna? How/why these exercises? What are the goals you two are aiming for?

We started off with very basic exercises and light weight. I wanted to establish a jumping off point. A baseline. I realized real quick, this chick is strong as hell. So for the first few months we did basic strength training. Heavy weights, lower rep ranges (6-10), 4-5 sets per exercise. She quickly moved up in weights. For example: on chest press she moved from pushing just the 45lbs bar to pushing the bar with 40lbs added to each side (125lbs) for 10 reps. Most guys can’t push that weight.

For the last 3 months we have been doing a combination of circuit training, HIIT (high intensity intervals) and running the seawall. Two days in the gym; two days hitting the pavement. Gym days we do a series of 3 exercises back-to-back with minimal rest for 5-6 rounds and then switch which 3 exercises we do for the next circuit.

Run Day 1 is a long run for an hour. We go for distance.

Run Day 2 is short, fast burst of running/sprinting only stopping if she was winded. The goal was to wind her in order to simulate the heart rate that we will most likely be in during the race. 160-180 beats per minute.

The goal with all the training was to... Be exhaustive during the training and do our best to simulate the feeling she will be in during the race (out of breath, pushing her limits in strength, mental fortitude, and reaching small goals to gain momentum going in).
5. How does working with Jenna, prepping for TM, compare to your other personal training clients?

It was totally different in a very exciting, challenging way. I love challenge and wouldn’t change a thing. I had never trained a person in a wheelchair before so I didn’t know what to expect. But Jenna is different. She has a great mindset. So, we modified exercises as needed. She had no problem accepting her limitations and came ready to work each week. It was actually quite a treat to train someone so motivated. In my opinion that's the hardest part for most clients: finding motivation. She had that from day one.
6. Can you tell us about Jenna’s progress and the gym thus far?

Plain and simple. I came in with game plan (she may not have known about a curveball or two) and we went to work. She pushed herself hard -- even on the tired, I-don’t-want-to-get-out-of-bed days. And because of this, she progressed each week leading into Tough Mudder. Why? Because she wanted it.
7. What’s Jenna’s attitude and demeanour been like, during your sessions?

For the most part Jenna came to gym ready to crush whatever i threw at her. She did, like most people, have some "life" situations come up from time to time and I can tell it really hurt Jenna. But that’s where I came into play to coach her through the rough patches. I knew to lighten up a bit on these days. Just get her through the workouts. After she always felt better. It's more than just the training at that point. It’s a real friendship.
8. Can you tell us about some of the triumphs and challenges you’ve experienced, helping Jenna prep for TM?

Not really. Training went smoothly. Just one big triumph. I know she'll tell you as will I that her bench press is most impressive. Lifting 125lbs via bench press is beyond what most guys off the street can do.
9. What are your thoughts and feelings as the big day finally approaches? What’s it like being part of Jenna’s TM team?

I’m just excited for her. I know she/we will kill it. I’m out there to have fun come race day and this is something I preach routinely to her. F*#k it let’s just have fun out there. No one’s judging. You got a great team. Let’s go!
10. What are you most looking forward to on the 25th?

It will single-handedly be the most selfless thing I’ve ever been a part of. To help her train for the past year has been an honour and a privilege and getting to watch her cross the finish line first hand will be mission accomplished! This isn’t about me. It’s about her. I’ll do everything I can to make this dream a reality come June 25!

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