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Phoenix Attitude - School Tools

2015-06-08 Posted By Jenna

Parents and kids alike - another school year is coming to a close! And yet Phoenix Attitude wants you to know that we’re here to help make the next year better!

As you know, when I’m not dreaming up more ways for Phoenix Attitude to make an impact, I can be found volunteering at the local children’s hospital and hospice (it keeps me out of trouble). As a result of these opportunities I, along with the people I work with, get to discover more shared experiences than we probably ever expected - making way for incredibly important conversations (at least, I think so).

After years of these conversations, a lot of the same questions keep coming up. And although I realize I don’t have all the (right) answers, I’ve decided that it would be neat to bring these questions and and my thoughts on them to you. Hopefully, at the very least, you’ll have some food for thought to chew on, find a renewed sense of confidence in how you’re living through these issues, or you’re given new hope discovering different tips and tricks from what you’ve tried in the past (getting closer to what works for you)!

So, let’s give this a try and see what you think!

The following are questions I get asked the most often from families hoping to give the kids in their lives (with health challenges) the best shot at a relatively painless school experience - but let’s be honest, no matter who you are, it’s won’t always be a cake-walk!

1. How do we prepare our kid(s) for the questions and reactions of the other kids?

2. How can we help them make friends?

3. How do we deal with bullying?

4. How do we help our kid(s) catch up when medical disasters strike?

5. How do we make sure our kid(s) are getting the support they need from the school?

(Boy, do these questions take me back!)

School can be DAUNT-ing to take on, not only for the kid(s) going to school but a project for the whole family.

My plan? This month I am going to be posting videos to our YouTube channel and a couple of special blogs that will hopefully give you tools (that I would have LOVED to have growing up) to navigate the school system. Although all the work that can be involved in preparing for a smooth school year, due to health challenges, may not seem fair - the tools learned are more than transferable to…EVERYDAY life (no skill is wasted)! Learning to communicate, learning to adapt, learning to be resourceful, learning to have an open-mind, learning perseverance, learning mutual respect etc. etc. are all skills everybody - with or without health challenges - can benefit from.

In fact, as I think about it, this might also be an interesting opportunity for any parent to check out…Woah, ya! Maybe this can help them be more mindful in raising allies for other kids in their classes/peer groups who might need someone with a little extra open-mindedness and kindness! It can’t hurt! Huh…I like it! I’d certainly be proud if my kid was that ally/potential-friend-for-life-because-he-or-she-knew-to-look-passed-the-surface, wouldn’t you?

I hope you’re as excited as we are. We can’t wait to collaborate with you (because we hope you’ll be sharing your tips, tricks and truths, too) and help to create a strong, kind, open-minded, resilient next generation!

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