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What I Want You to Know

2015-02-23 Posted By Jenna

Our last blog, “Scars - What Story Does Yours Tell?” got a lot of great feedback, and it started an awesome dialogue. We can get so consumed by what others think of us, and their perception of what we go through; but when do we take the opportunity to stop and think about how we truly feel about ourselves, what we’ve been through, and what we can accomplish? How often does this happen, honestly? And when it does happen, are you giving yourself credit or tearing yourself down?

So, we at Phoenix Attitude have dreamt up a new campaign, “What I Want You To Know” (#WhatIWantYouToKnow)

We very rarely get a second chance at a first impression, so we wanted to give you the next best thing. It’s kind of inspired by Saved By The Bell’s “Time out/Time in” gag (it happens at 6:11, but it’s fun to watch the clip all the way through (

Are you ready? Ok!

Imagine yourself out and about and that thing that makes you self-conscious gets the inevitable stare. Don’t panic, say to yourself, “Time Out!” Ok, now you have the world’s undivided attention (no stage fright needed - it’s a good thing), what do you want them to know?:

- Do you want to tell them about who you are and what you’ve accomplished in spite of the thing you deal with that causes you angst? (scar/wheelchair/prosthetic/braces/crutches/stature/birthmark etc.)

- Do you want to tell them that it hurts you when people stare because you have little opportunity to change that part of you?

- Do you want to somehow make them understand that this aspect of your life means very little to your capacity to impact the world, because your inner strength and spirit are as strong as ever?

- Do you want to tell them what going through the experience that brought this aspect into your life has taught you?

- Do you want to come back at them about their big schnauze? (Admit it, we all have those days when we can’t summon the energy to be the bigger person and utilize every teaching moment! Or is it just me…?)

Ok, “Time In!”

What we think is cool about this exercise is that it gives you the opportunity to:

- Become more confident in your convictions in how you see yourself.

- Reinforce the fact that, ya, you may look/act/think/perceive differently than your peers, and are dealing with circumstances others might not even - be able to imagine in their wildest dreams. However, you’re getting on with your life the way you know how, which is always enough.

- Realize that the only person who can stand in your way of reaching for your dreams, is you.

- Realize that the things that make you an awesome person far outweigh what you think, or you think others are thinking, is holding you back.

- Find the perfect response to the stare that allows the other person to gain a new perspective and appreciation for the people around him or her.

So if you feel comfortable, please feel free to share with us (on our social media) what you think gets you the stares and want to take the “Time Out!” opportunity for. Don’t forget to hashtag your post with #WhatIWantYouToKnow

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