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Can A Medical & Motivation Account Work for You?

2015-01-31 Posted By Jenna

Who can the Medical & Motivation account work for?

I remember thinking at the beginning of this venture that if no one else found it useful, I’ll at least have created a dream tool for ME to use while navigating the medical system. But we’re our own worst critics, as I was happy to find out as soon as it launched. And in case you don't know ME, you should know that means: almost 20 surgeries, PTSD, depression, anxiety, a few broken bones, close to a 1000 doctor appointments (or something like that), and a partridge in a pear treeeeeeeeeeeee. So I like to think of myself as a professional patient ;)

Not only is the Medical & Motivation account resonating with people who have…uniquely complicated medical lives (like myself), we’re also finding that it’s helping:

- Young people take control of their health when they leave for university and have to take more control (even though we think we're invincible...);

- People fighting through the effects of new conditions, like: spinal cord injuries, arthritis, IBS etc. and trying to find what's changed and works best for them;

- Friends and family of people with serious medical issues who want to be ready with vital information in case of an emergency;

- Caregivers who want to keep their client’s family involved in day-to-day life (especially if the family can’t be there as much as they’d like);

- Families navigate the medical system for the first time with their children with complex medical issues;

- Children with medical issues reaching an age (generally 13) when it’s time to start being given some more independence and teaching them how to get the most out of the medical system (important information to always know or questions to always ask);

- People who are dedicated to their health and wanting to find out more about how their body works, so that they can establish if something is off sooner and take action. Not to mention, also getting a sense of and developing confidence around what woks for them and what doesn’t;

- We’ve even heard interest of using the Medical & Motivation account to stay on top of their pets health! (And why not, pets are important part of the family, too!)

Does this sound like you or someone you know? For a one-time cost of $3.99 (plus tax), you can have a tool that helps you navigate the medical system - mind, body & spirit - and looks to you to decide what matters most about your health and what you want to get out of it.

Special care has even been taken in the design of the account so that your anxiety levels don’t need to reach DEFCON 1 (or is 5 the bad one?), being reminded of the white sterile walls of medical facilities. The Phoenix Attitude team has purposely incorporated vibrant colours to the account to add an element of fun and an important reminder to the user (who is taking their valuable time to engage with their account) that despite the health issues they face, they are still vibrant people! No detail was too small to support the user in thinking of taking control of their health as a potential - not a punishment.

For a quick tutorial and a library of other tutorials on how to get the most out of each section of the Medical & Motivation account follow this link:

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