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The Icing on the Cake - Updates!

2015-01-31 Posted By Jenna

I'll admit it, it was a tiny bit scary unveiling Phoenix Attitude's Medical & Motivation account to the world on October 17th, 2014. I had spent years coming up with its content (based on a lifetime of experience as a "professional patient"), getting feedback from patients, families and world-renowned doctors, and finding a delicate balance between the original content and the feedback for its big debut. I wondered, "Would anyone else find this tool useful, or were my experiences too...special?" Well, apparently I'm not as special as I thought, because so many people have been welcoming their Medical & Motivation account into their arsenal to build better lives. These people have been kind enough to share their insight, as to what would make it even more of dream tool than it already is, with the Phoenix Attitude team (and we were more than happy to oblige)!


For every section that you’re able to input information (except for your ICE profile), you also have the opportunity to print the information. We’re not talking about printing your screen as you see it, no, we’re talking about having a pdf file that has organized your information in a clear and an easy-to-read format. If you’re someone who likes having paper copies or printing off a particular list of your medications or allergies to give to every resident, fellow or specialist that you see (leaving less room for miscommunication), your Medical & Motivation account has you covered!


Do you have a long medical history? Well, when you’re ready, your Medical & Motivation account is willing to take the trip down memory lane with you with its updated calendar function. Go as far back in time as you need to so that you finally have all of your medical details in one place, and then get ready to keep moving forward! Depending on how far back you need to go, you might want to take a couple of breaks by heading on over to the motivation section of your account to keep your momentum going ;) (It’s so worth it in the end!)


Don’t forget to build your “In Case of Emergency” (ICE) profile to make sure the people you trust most have access to the information YOU decide is important for them to know in an emergency, leaving you to focus on recovering. When you’ve chosen your ICE contact(s), an email will be sent notifying them that they have the esteemed privilege of being your ICE contact. Also in the email will be clear and concise instructions on how to access your ICE profile in an emergency, which your ICE contact(s) will have access to in a read-only format (this means that no one can accidentally edit the information but you). You’re the one who decides how many people you want on your ICE team, because we at Phoenix Attitude want to make sure you’re telling US what you need and not the other way around.

I’m sure updates will keep on happening based on important feedback from you, and our continued dedication to keeping the Medical & Motivation account a dream tool for navigating the medical system - mind, body & spirit. If there’s a feature you want to see added to your account, send us a note ( or give us a call (604-428-9530).

Thanks for being on this journey with us!

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